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Redeeming Credit and Gift Vouchers

How long is my voucher valid for? 

Your voucher expiry date should be visible in your email confirmation. Usually our London Theatre gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue and our Coronavirus closure credit vouchers are valid for 18 months from date of issue. If you have any further questions about the expiry of your voucher then please feel free to get in contact with our team using the 'Submit a Request' button above.

Please note that if your voucher originally had an expiry date during 2021, we have automatically extended it to 30th June 2022 to ensure you have ample time to redeem your voucher!

Can I gift/transfer my voucher to someone else? 

Absolutely! If you are unable to utilise your voucher we heavily encourage you to transfer/gift your voucher to a friend or family member. If you intend to do this, please send us an email to notify us of this change. We would ask that you include their full name, their postal address, email and mobile. This helps speed up the process for when they get in touch and that all the notes are updated for our team.

Do I need to attend a performance by my voucher expiry date? 

No. The voucher expiry date it intended as a book by date, as opposed to an attend by date. This means that as long as you have confirmed a new booking by your expiry date, you can attend a performance at a later date. 

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